About Island Countries

An island nation is a country whose territory consists of one or more than one islands and their parts. There are 46 sovereign states and one disputed territory Taiwan. Island countries are typically small countries with low populations.

Some Island countries are discussed below: 

  1. United Kingdom: Uk has a large group of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean. More than 6000 Islands are existing in the UK. Some mesmerizing Islands are given below :
  • Ireland
  • Marsea Island
  • Skomer
  • Denny Island
  • Lundy
  • Hayling Island
  1. Cuba: Cuba is located where the Caribbean sea, the Gulf Of Mexico, and the Atlantic Ocean meet. Cuba consists of 1600 islands. Breathtaking views of ocean sites can blow your mind and satisfy your soul.
  • Cayo Levisa
  • Cayo Saetia
  • Cayo Coco
  • Cayo Fragoso
  • Cayo Santa Maria
  • Cayo Guayaba
  1. New Zealand: New Zealand is an island country in the southwestern pacific ocean, consisting of two main landmasses North and South. It is the sixth large island country. The island country is famous because of its picturesque landscape and pleasant climate. Many tourists visit this place all through the year for their perfect long holiday trip. Here we have discussed a very few places you should visit:
  • Rangitoto Island
  • Chatham Island
  • Great Mercury Island
  • Great Barrier Island
  • Adamas Island
  • Campbell Island
  1. Singapore: It is a tropical Island in South-East Asia. It consists of 160 island countries. Some beautiful islands are given below:
  • Lazarus Island
  • Saint Jhon’s Island
  • Kusu Island
  • Bintan Island
  • Pulau Jong
  • Sentosa
  1. Bahrain: Bahrain consists of 33 Island Located in Arabian Gulf between Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Here are some Islands given below: 
  • Jidda Island
  • Hawar Island
  • Um Al Nissan
  • Sira

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