Grand Amanta Customer Care: Ready Assistance for Every Expedition

Customer service is perhaps the bedrock of any industry and the foundation for its growth. Not only does it build a loyal customer base but also creates strong relationships with customers. Hence, quality customer service is essential to success. Just like Grand Amanta customer care, it’s all about handling queries with professionalism and delivering a superb customer experience.

Customer care acts as the face of any organization. For example, did you know that 60% of travelers switch travel brands based on poor customer service? Improvement can take place only after understanding the customer’s feedback & problems involved. There is a sense of security in knowing that a reliable team is taking care of your problems. Such is the feeling when you opt for Grand Amanta hotels and trips!

Whether finalizing travel plans or understanding the best options within your budget, our team is well-equipped to resolve all customer queries. Grand Amanta offers quality yet timely assistance through every interaction. Being a leading name in India, it is trusted with over 30,000 packages to its name!  

Don’t know where to start?

The Grand Amanta’s customer care team is here to help!

3 Simple Ways to Contact Grand Amanta’s Customer Care Team

Excellent customer support is no longer an option, but a necessity.

For all your queries and questions, the Grand Amanta Customer Care team is always ready to provide assistance. The experts will address every concern related to your ideal vacation. In fact, the team is completely dedicated to ensuring your experience is a memorable one.

With Grand Amanta hotels and trips, discover the industry’s best standards to make your dreams come true. You can also expect customized services based on your unique requirements. Our Chief Experience Officer handles this with ease. By carefully planning each aspect of a holiday, our personalized experiences ensure maximum satisfaction with every package.

To reach out to us, here’s all you need to know.

How to Contact Grand Amanta’s Customer Care:

Reach out to Grand Amanta Customer Care at 1800-833-3738 for general inquiries (from 10 am to 6 pm, Monday to Saturday while being closed on holidays).

Through your relationship manager, you can contact Grand Amanta Customer Care by email or mobile. Use your registered email ID to reach the team or by calling from your registered mobile number.

In case you don’t have the number and email ID of your relationship manager, that’s not a problem at all. Grand Amanta offers the necessary details once you sign in using the App.

Behind the perfect vacation lies the support of the perfect luxury resort & hotel management company. Through Grand Amanta hotels and travels, discover trust and quality at the core of all operations. Our dedicated customer care aims to resolve all issues and requests at the earliest. Keeping empathy in every customer interaction, the team helps every customer both quickly & efficiently.

Trust the Grand Amanta customer care team for valuable support.