Grand Amanta Jim Corbett Resort: Your Ideal Escape in Uttarakhand

Did you know that India attracts millions of travelers from across the globe? 18 million people visited the country in the year 2019. This is simply because many are drawn to its culture and heritage while others come for the attractions and wildlife. No matter what the reasons are, this country is one of the most coveted tourist destinations in the world! And to make the most of your experience, names like Grand Amanta in India should always come first.

This is due to its innate understanding of the beauty that this nation holds. 

From being an adventurer’s resort to a spiritual refuge, there is so much that constitutes this country’s true beauty. Kerala’s soothing canal cruises. The thrilling hikes in the Himalayas. Darjeeling’s famous tea gardens. Grand Amanta offers many such exciting getaways in India and Uttarakhand is definitely a place worthy of your attention! 

Read below to see what’s in store at Grand Amanta’s masterpiece by Jim Corbett.

Grand Amanta Jim Corbett Resort : For Breathtaking Experiences  

This resort is perhaps one of the most prized vacation spots in India. Located within the Kumaon district, the smart positioning keeps you close to excellent vacationer sights in & around Jim Corbett. Grand Amanta brings you a blissful getaway through lush forests and thrilling activities!

If you don’t feel like stepping out, that’s not a problem too. Grand Amanta Jim Corbett Resort brings all you need to one wholesome address! Offering a plethora of advanced amenities, pamper yourself to the fullest without even leaving your comfort zone. 

You’ll find that the indoor experience is actually the best part!. 

Here’s a curated list for those looking for a peaceful yet fun-filled getaway.  

Remarkable Things to Do at Grand Amanta Jim Corbett Resort by Grand Amanta

Safari and wildlife: Visit Jim Corbett National Park for a safari unlike any other. Being India’s first national park, you can spot animals like purple foxes and leopards along with the famous Royal Bengal Tigers. 

Exciting activities: If you’re in the mood for adventure, gear up for a superb range of exciting adventures! Head out for riverside activities, Himalayan mountain drives & forest explorations with Grand Amanta. 

Culinary delights: Bringing all the ingredients of happiness together, relish the real flavors of Kumaon cuisine with several types of culinary styles at Grand Amanta Jim Corbett Resort

Indoor entertainment: If you’d rather stay in for vacations, Grand Amanta has you covered. Each of the well-crafted rooms offers modern essential amenities. Private balconies for surreal forest views, WiFi for seamless connectivity, air-conditioning for a cool, relaxing atmosphere – all at your disposal. 

To keep you rejuvenated even further, take a refreshing dip amidst serene blues followed by a cleansing spa session. The spa and swimming pool are also available within the premises. Check out the complete range of amenities available at Grand Amanta Jim Corbett Resort.

Laundry service
Conference room
Room service
Green lawn, etc.

Reasons to Choose a Grand Amanta Membership for Upcoming Travels

India’s top travel booking destination

It’s no secret that Indian tourism is booming and bigger than ever before. But why let it end there? With offers by Grand Amanta, get the chance to explore India’s most exotic destinations. There is so much that you haven’t seen yet. When you plan with the best, perfection follows.

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Where every stay is a story, make yours an exceptional one. The immense popularity of Grand Amanta in India allows you to stay at top-notch hotels and villas. You also get the security of traveling in a small group (15 or less) to create meaningful encounters. With access to a multitude of resorts, revel in the experience and let Grand Amanta take care of the rest.

Presence of a local guide for assistance

How often have you got lost on a trip? Or even worse, how often have you missed out on the main sights of a place? With a dynamic local guide by your side, enjoy a stress-free holiday with your loved ones. Grand Amanta in India is definitely the right choice for your once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Handpicked locations selected by experts

Life is the biggest adventure, and the second comes with Grand Amanta. Review the membership plans and you’ll see the immense value that comes with it. For instance, you can get tailored assistance based on your unique preferences. Whether travel expeditions or wildlife excursions, there’s a new world waiting to be unlocked when you choose Grand Amanta.

Best prices for invaluable experiences

The beauty of exciting experiences. The perfect blend of cost and convenience. Grand Amanta offers travelers the most economical costs for trips. Making your dream getaways as feasible as possible, you don’t need to look elsewhere for the best deals on travels and stays. In fact, there are no extra fees for solo travelers!

Committed to bringing the best in value and quality, Grand Amanta in India brings you closer to the wonders that India holds. You can also enjoy unmatched benefits on every expedition you plan. Delivering personalized services to all, we help you take the step to your next adventure.

So leave behind the stress and get only the best!

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