Why Jim Corbett for an Unforgettable Safari with Grand Amanta

In the heart of Ramnagar lies a destination that’s a favorite among tourists. Beyond the lush greens and forests, the Jim Corbett National Wildlife Park has stood as one of the most famous tiger sighting areas. With over 200+ tigers here, this famous reserve has become an enchanting spot for those that simply adore nature and wildlife.

Grand Amanta at Jim Corbett gives you the chance to indulge in this dream!

Located within the Kumaon district, resorts by Grand Amanta are highly recommended. Allowing you to stay close to the wonders of wildlife, get a glimpse of elephants, deer, leopards, and purple foxes as well. Of course, you will be able to see the Royal Bengal Tiger in person! But beyond wildlife, Grand Amanta vacations also bring the opportunity to experience thrilling activities.

There’s something for everyone through every package. Be it delightful riverside activities, peaceful mountain drives along the Himalayas, or active forest trails, exceptional moments become a guarantee. This is because Grand Amanta Vacations Pvt Ltd has been at the forefront of dream getaways in India. Understanding exactly what it takes to make every trip iconic, witness life’s finest experiences unfold!

Here’s what you can expect by choosing Grand Amanta in India.

Discover the Surreal Beauty of Jim Corbett with Grand Amanta

Also called the kingdom of jungle royals, this location is ideal for outdoor adventures curated by Grand Amanta. Jim Corbett National Park is another superb attraction within the area. Providing exclusive vacationer sights all around, the dense jungles allow you to dive deep into wild adventures. Every thrill-seeker is bound to find their peace of mind here!

For those who would rather stay in, Grand Amanta has got you covered.

Grand Amanta vacations are crafted keeping the best standards and practices. Adhering to the diverse preferences of every customer, each package symbolizes real value and happiness. That’s what makes resorts by Grand Amanta the right place to plan your next big trip. We’ve listed the most important reasons to choose this accommodation by Grand Amanta in Jim Corbett.

Here’s all you need to know.

Modern ways to unwind:

Grand Amanta vacations provide a break from daily life. Whether you’d like a dip in the swimming pool or a lively session with adventure activities, relax precisely the way you’d like! The in-house spa soothes the mind and body, leaving each with a feeling of bliss & rejuvenation. For the ideal escape, trust Grand Amanta to deliver time and time again.

Stylishly furnished rooms:

Spacious. Stylish. Stunning! Each room here at Grand Amanta Jim Corbett brings an abundance of space for all to relax without worries. You’ll find ample spaces inside for additional means of recreation. In fact, there is also a conference room inside for those that must attend last-minute meetings and events. Hence, you will find all you need within your comfort zone.

Every essential amenity:

Did you know that there is also a restaurant inside? Drop a visit effortlessly to taste the flavors of joy! Besides this, WiFi is also available for smooth connectivity while room service ensures additional convenience. There is also a laundry service for vacationers to ensure that clothes are kept clean and ready at all times.

Grand Amanta in India is every tourist’s dream come true.

Selecting only the best hotels & destinations, each trip is nothing short of terrific.

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